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To meet the growing worldwide demand for energy while preparing for the future.

We are the biggest company in the UAE


We help companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting and mutually rewarding relationships.


Monad Oil FZC is designed for industrial, oil and gas, manufacturing, mechanical, power and energy, engineering & Multipurpose Business.


Monad Oil FZC is a leading international service organization focused on high pressure hoses and fluid connectors providing products and application engineering knowledge, as well as maintenance services, to all market segments through a global network tailored to local conditions.

Monad Oil FZC services are made available at the customer’s doorstep on 5 continents, through an ever-growing network of Hydroshops, On-site Workshops, and Service on-site Vans.

Our Mission

Every day, our 98,000 employees around the world live out our commitment to better energy while relying on the cutting-edge expertise that spans the entire energy chain. Here are our main goals:


Why People Choose Us

We Are Innovative


To meet the energy needs, we continually innovate to produce sustainable and responsible solutions in oil and gas, solar energy, and bioenergies.

We Develop and Transform


We do so much more to improve your daily life. Our industrial expertise in transforming oil and gas helps to produce a wide range of everyday items.

We Are Trade Experts


We bring energy from producing regions all the way to consumer hubs, working across a long, complex logistics chain.